Bitcoin To Perfect Money Automatic Exchange With 0% Fee

Exchange Bitcoin to Payoneer Withdraw Money with ATM

Exchange Bitcoin to Payoneer Withdraw Money with ATM

Exchange bitcoin to payoneer account and withdraw your money with ATM card, if do you want to get a free payoneer card you can get in touch with us. This is one of the most reliable bitcoin exchange company. You can visit for more details.
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Exchange Bitcoin to Payoneer Withdraw Money with ATM

Exchange bitcoin to payoneer account and withdraw your money with ATM card, if do you want to get a free payoneer card you can get in touch with us. This is one of the most reliable bitcoin exchange company. You can visit for more details.
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i will make this short...i want solution of exchange bitcoin to payoneer card or google wallet. thanks for help

i want solution of exchange bitcoin to payoneer card or google wallet. pleas if u know a trusted website do that. pleas give it to me.
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Sell bitcoin to payoneer exchange without any conversion fee

Exchange bitcoin to payoneer through a trusted exchange that is very responsible and reliable as well. Highly professional service & best rates are provided.
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Bitcoin to Payoneer - Withdraw Cryptocurrency to ATM Card

Bitcoin to Payoneer - Withdraw Cryptocurrency to ATM Card

Exchange bitcoin to payoneer account and withdraw your money with ATM card, if do you want to get a free payoneer card you can get in touch with us. This is one of the most reliable bitcoin exchange company. You can visit for more details.
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Bitcoin to Payoneer - Withdraw Cryptocurrency to ATM Card

Withdraw cryptocurrency to ATM Mastercard accepted every where, litecoin dogecoin ethereum ripple monery exchange bitcoin to payoneer bank account .
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Bitcoin to Payoneer instant Exchange Transfer

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Exchange bitcoin to bank account, Paypal, Payoneer, Perfect money, neteller and Skrill with very little fees.
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Exchange bitcoin to bank account, Paypal, Payoneer, Perfect money, neteller and Skrill with very little fees.

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Trading Discussion • Exchange bitcoin to bank account, Paypal, Payoneer, Perfect money, neteller and Skrill with very little fees.

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How to Sell Bitcoin With Instant Cash Payout

How to Sell Bitcoin With Instant Cash Payout
Selling Bitcoin With Instant Cash Payout is not complicated or simple. You would think that if you’re new to this profession, you may be met with fake people and scams. Choosing a business to sell Bitcoin is a clear obstacle to the process. There are a variety of bogus crypto vending sites on the internet that can trick your money easily. Keep secure and start buying and selling bitcoin from Bitcoinscashout, which is one of the most popular bitcoin trading places.

Instant cashout Bitcoin to Fiat Cash:

If you have a few bitcoins, so you want to get Quick Bitcoin cash out of fiat money. You can do it with us in just a couple of minutes. Our company has the best exchange prices for bitcoin cashouts, and you can get bitcoin cash free of charge, and we don’t price any satoshi for selling. I’m sure you won’t be able to locate a reliable bitcoin exchanger like us. We’re going to have the best bitcoin trading infrastructure. Our website is not exclusive to bitcoin trading, but you can share other cryptocurrencies with us.
Hundreds of valid payment forms may be used to withdraw the bitcoins to blockchain cryptocurrency. We at Bitcoinscashout give our customers the most common and demanded payment solutions. After PayPal or Payoneer, Blockchain is the payment mechanism preferred by people who withdraw their crypto from us. Hundreds of thousands of conversions have been rendered using this process. Cryptocurrency is considered to be the easiest way to withdraw Bitcoin from the Blockchain wallet. Blockchain’s features are quite secure and trustworthy. The reason for the success of Blockchain is his wallet. You can withdraw money from anywhere in the world by using this wallet. Blockchain networks are common and all large online retail sites embrace Blockchain as a payment mechanism. You can use Blockchain as a means of paying for bitcoin cash out.
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Litecoin to USD Exchange Rate

Litecoin to USD Exchange Rate
When exchanging in Bitcoinsxchanger, you should still be assured that rates are decided only by the market. It is your decision, whether you exchange LTC to USD or some other combination, investors are the only ones that decide the price. Striving for complete accountability, we have created a platform where the market is the only variable that affects the price of the LTC. And surely there are many investors who need to exchange Litecoin for fiat currency, particularly the US Dollar, as the dollar is known to be one of the most secure and safe currencies in the world. Cryptocurrency Trading Platform offers to the exchange LTC for USD rate comfortably, instantly, and safely! Such an exchange is processed instantly, so you'll get your USD right after you visit our site.
Withdraw Litecoin To Cash
It is very clear if you use Litecoin for any kind of purchase. This would quickly become a replacement for fiat currencies, such as US dollars, which would no longer be required. The belief that Litecoin will ultimately overtake fiat currencies is the explanation that so many people are interested in Litecoin right now. If you want to withdraw litecoin in cash, you can easily convert it with us. At present, though, the fact is that very few businesses or individuals would accept payment in Litecoin. That's one purpose you may want to convert your LTC to cash — so that you can use the value of your Litecoin to buy the real stuff. Another specific reason for withdrawing LTC to cash or bank accounts is to cash out Litecoin at times when the market is in decline. If you think Litecoin 's price is going to keep sinking and you want to protect yourself from withdrawals, it makes profit by selling Litecoin to instant cash when you're waiting for the Litecoin price to recover.
Ways to Withdraw Litecoin To Cash
In order to convert Litecoin into cash, e.g. litecoin to Payoneer wallet, Moneygram cashout, litecoin to PayPal or withdraw litecoin to a bank account, and even by cash deposit! You will withdraw Litecoins to cash from a broker and peer-to-peer exchange. However, there are a number of factors that need to be considered when 'cashing out' Litecoin, such as:
The currency you want to exchange the Litecoin for the preferred method of receiving the exchanged funds Both of the above-mentioned modes of exchanging Litecoin have both benefits and disadvantages: the easiest form of withdrawing litecoin to cash is our Bitcoinsxchanger.

Litecoin (LTC) is reaching the front stage of the cryptocurrency industry as a reliable competitor to Bitcoin. An increasing interest is being noticed in the community in LTC to USD converter and vice versa While hundreds of different cryptocurrency exchanges now exist that allow you to purchase, buy or sell Litecoin, hardly any of them accept PayPal. As a result, there is no easy way to buy Litecoin with PayPal. Next, you'll need to buy Bitcoin using your PayPal account, and then exchange Bitcoin for Litecoin on an exchange. But don't worry, we're going to lead you through the steps. Here we're going to discuss two different sites that accept PayPal to explain how they both work.

Bitcoinsxchanger: Best Exchange Company
We have the best rates. Only start your exchange right now. The step-by-step guides should help you through the method of selling bitcoin on Bitcoinsxchanger. Sign up and follow the necessary steps to verify the account, etc. Coins are added to the account instantly and may be withdrawn immediately.
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How to withdraw bitcoins to my Bank Account?

Actually, I am from Nepal. I am searching for a way through I can withdraw my bitcoins or any other crypto to my bank account. I researched them but finally got to know that I can't withdraw my bitcoins directly. So,
Question 1: Do you know a method that I can use to withdraw my bitcoins to my bank with low fees in Nepal?
If you don't know this method, then I have some other alternative too. I have a Payoneer MasterCard and a Payoneer US/ Euro Bank Account. I will be able to withdraw my Bitcoins if I can exchange it for Payoneer USD or Euro. So,
Question 2: Can you tell me how can I withdraw my bitcoins to the US or Euro bank Account? You can say, it's an ACH or SEPA Transfer...
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How can I withdraw my Bitcoins to my Bank account?

Actually, I am from Nepal. I am searching for a way through I can withdraw my bitcoins or any other crypto to my bank account. I researched them but finally got to know that I can't withdraw my bitcoins directly. So,
Question 1: Do you know a method that I can use to withdraw my bitcoins to my bank with low fees in Nepal?
If you don't know this method, then I have some other alternative too. I have a Payoneer MasterCard and a Payoneer US/ Euro Bank Account. I will be able to withdraw my Bitcoins if I can exchange it for Payoneer USD or Euro. So,
Question 2: Can you tell me how can I withdraw my bitcoins to the US or Euro bank Account? You can say, it's an ACH or SEPA Transfer...
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Can i withdraw to Payoneer Mastercard from any exchange?

I have Bitcoin in my wallet. If i sell Bitcoin in top exchange, can i withdraw to Payoneer Mastercard from exchange? I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I want to be a big trader of Bitcoin. Thanks
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With 244 million active accounts in 2018, PayPal is one of the most popular payment processing tools out there. PayPal has lots of limitations that slow down the process of running the business and high fees. Here's a list of PayPal Alternatives for Startups

PayPal is a well-known solution for companies looking to accept payments worldwide, manage their finances, and send invoices. With 244 million active accounts in 2018, PayPal is one of the most popular payment processing tools out there.
More and more companies are looking for PayPal alternatives these days since this company has lots of limitations that slow down the process of running the business.
When it comes to choosing the proper payment solution, you need to pay attention to the fees, data security, and customer service.
For those of you who are looking for Paypal replacements or want to know other flexible solutions, in this list, we have put together 32 great Paypal alternatives that work for startups.


Payoneer is the first option that crosses my mind when it comes to Paypal alternatives. Payoneer allows you to send money using a debit card, credit card, and ACH payments. It is fast, – the payments can be completed in just 2 hours.
Pricing: Processing fee starts at 3%


Skrill has a clean, user-friendly interface. It offers you a prepaid debit card. The fees may be the same as Paypal, but it makes international payments easier since the payments can be sent to the debit card at once. After that, you can use your debit card to withdraw money using an ATM.
Pricing: Receiving money into your Skrill account is free. Send payment for only 1.45% fee. Withdraw funds with 7.50 % fee.


Transferwise is a much faster and cheaper solution for international transfers. You can send and receive money on their service without borders. It merely works: clients pay in their currency, and you get the payment right on your bank account within a few hours in the currency of your country. You need to share your phone number and last four digits of your credit card to receive money.
Pricing: You need to pay a difference in exchange rates and small Transferwise fee.


Selz is a tool that will help you to create your online store or sell goods on social media. It is not a payment system, but an online store builder with ‘drag and drop’ feature and more. Besides that, you can integrate your payment gateway with Selz without other external services. They offer automatic Tax Invoices for your customers.
Pricing: 2% transaction fee; 2.9% + 30¢ processing fee¹

Google Pay

Using Google Pay, your clients can make purchases using your website and app. You can enable shopping across devices to reduce missed conversions and forgotten passwords. This is one of the best options for store owners. It takes a second to get or receive a payment.
Pricing: Google Pay has no fees for using debit cards or making bank transfers, though you have to pay a 2.9% fee for credit cards.


2checkout is another perfect Paypal alternative tool. It’s all about accepting payments globally. The commission in the USA is almost the same as Paypal, but when it comes to receiving payment from other countries, they offer better rates. It allows you to sell any product abroad.
Pricing: 2SUBSCRIBE pricing plan requires 4.5% + $0.45 per successful sale. 2SELL requires 3.5% + $0.35 per successful sale.


Stripe is a global startup company with a 19% market share. Companies of any type and size use the service to accept payments and manage their business needs. Developers love this service for Stripe’s API that allows quickly add a payment method to a website.
Pricing: 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card charge


Wepay features not only excellent customer support but also a virtual terminal that allows you to make purchases online without leaving the website. The company was established in 2008.
Pricing: 2.9 percent + $0.30 per credit card payment; 1 percent + $0.30 per bank transfer.


Quickbooks or Intuit is a popular useful tool for small business owners who need help with their finances. It gives you an ability to accept payments both in-person and online. Besides, it can help you to pay taxes, manage salaries, and file payroll tax forms.
Pricing: 2.4 percent + $0.25 per swiped, tapped or dipped transaction; 3.4 percent + $0.25 per keyed transaction


ProPay was built in 1997. It provides similar features as PayPal, along with the ability to send and receive payments worldwide. For those who are doing transactions in person, you can use ProPay JAK. It is a mobile phone credit card reader that process cards in real time.
Pricing: Pricing depends on the type of transaction and card you have.

Shopify Payments

For those of you who sell products and services with Shopify, you need to get a closer look at their in-built service called Shopify Payments. It gives you low processing fees, allows you to accept payments using different cards (Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express), and have all your data at one place.
Pricing: Online credit card rates 2.9% + 30¢. In-person credit card rates 2.7% + 0¢.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay if the first tool for letting people checkout at your online store. It features an account with user login where all information is stored. It makes the process faster and smoother than with regular shopping cart.
Pricing: The fees start with 2.9 percent+ 30¢ per transaction


Dwolla is another tool similar to Paypal. Just like Paypal, it allows you to send and receive payments from individuals and companies. Their main specialization is ACH bank transfers, so that bank transfers are super secure. But the main disadvantage is that you can’t create an account with Dwolla outside of the US.
Pricing: The transaction fee is only $0.25.


This tool will come in handy for e-commerce store owners because it offers web and mobile payments. You can store credit cards with Braintree just like Google Pay. Paypal runs this company, but it still provides more advanced list of features and better customer support.
Pricing: 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.


This tool will help you to manage payrolls. With Square, your employees can clock in and out of work and set up direct deposits. Besides, Square grants small business loans that you can pay back with a percentage of daily sales.
Pricing: 2.9 percent fee + $0.30 per transaction


With Payza you can accept payments using a credit card and bank account. Moreover, the tool also works with cryptocurrency.
Pricing: 1.99 percent + $0.25 per transaction


Venmo is famous for its feature to send cash to friends. When you create an account on Venmo, it offers you to make a list of friends. After that, it is way easier to send money to people from this list. The business can use it for the checkout process.
Pricing: It’s free to send or receive money from a linked bank account. Electronic withdrawal (standard or Instant) from $0 or 1%* (min. $0.25). $2.50 for out-of-network ATM withdraw.


Payline offers you straightforward, transparent, and flexible payment processing experience. It is a useful service for store owners – you can use it whether you’re in-store, mobile, or online.
Pricing: Swiping in person: 0.2% ($0.10 per transaction | $10 per month)


Click2sell is a reliable Paypal alternative that offers almost all the same features. It accepts Paypal, Skrill, and credit card payments. The main difference is that they have potent reports and affiliate tracking.
Pricing: Depending on your plan, $1.50 + 7 percent per direct sale or $1 per transaction up to $19.99


Klarna is a service that offers its customers ‘pay later’ feature. It means you can purchase goods online and pay with Klarna. Then, you have from 14 up to 30 days after delivery to pay them back interest-free.
Pricing: Free for up to one month


Merchant claim to be a hassle-free payment processing company that gives you more control over your funds than Paypal. They allow a grace period that can help you to resolve disputes rather than freeze your account, just like Paypal usually does.
Pricing: Processing fees start at 1.99 percent + $0.25 per transaction


Another perfect payment solution for global companies. Wirecard works with over 100 transaction currencies and 200 payment networks that gives you almost complete freedom. With this tool, you can do in-store payments, mobile payments, value-added services, and much more.
Pricing: The pricing is available upon request


BlueSnap allows you to add payment methods to your websites, stores, and apps. Your customers can make purchases with credit cards, bank accounts, or similar online payment systems.
Pricing: 3.90% + $0.30 or you can develop a personal pricing plan.


Whether you use terminal, online, or point-of-sale with Worldpay, it does not matter. They provide EMV chip card payments and also alternative payment options in the situations when your customer has no card.
Pricing: Pricing is available upon request


FastSpring is an e-commerce platform for software and Saas companies. With this service, you can easily enable payments online or in an app. You can make popup checkout for clients, personalized shopping experience and more.
Pricing: Pricing is available upon request


Viewpost is a full-featured payment and billing solution that will be suitable for both single freelancer and huge enterprise company. You can view payment history in your account and keep track of all transactions.
Pricing: $14.99/month plus transaction fees


Authorize has over 43,000 merchants and handles more than one billion transactions per year. This is a big company that accepts credit card and electronic payments in person, or over the phone.
Pricing: No setup fee, free monthly gateway, 2.9% + 0.30 cents per transaction


Send, receive or request money online with Popmoney. The process is transparent and straightforward: cash moves from one bank account to another without any middle accounts.
Pricing: Flat $0.95 per transaction to use it here at


Without setup or cancellation fees, Charge is a good credit card processing platform. It enables you to accept payments online and in stores.
Pricing: Merchant Account Application Fee and Web Shopping Cart are free.


If you have SaaS or e-commerce businesses, you need to take a closer look at Paylane. This tool allows you to accept payments in various currencies and formats. Smashing Magazine and The Next Web use it.
Pricing: 2.8% + 0.25 EUR and 0 for Paypal


Coinbase is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows the business to get Bitcoin transfers. If your client is familiar with cryptocurrency, they can easily send your payment to your Bitcoin wallet. Then, you can merely convert this amount into your local currency, or transfer to another payment service. But remember about exchange rates.
Pricing: Pricing varies depending on the cryptocurrency

Apple Pay

All iPhone users can get the advantage of using Apple Pay to transfer money. Previously, I used it only to pay products in stores without a card. When a person sends you cash, it stores automatically in your Apple Wallet. You can spend it using Apply Pay or transfer on your bank account within 1-3 business days.
Pricing: It charges the banks as a rebate for every transaction. No fee for merchants.
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New trading BIT.TEAM opportunities

New trading BIT.TEAM opportunities
Currently, many crypto trading platforms are facing difficulties since the global traditional markets’ fall has influenced even the crypto industry.
Even despite the global economic difficulties there are still effective ways to trade cryptocurrency with BIT.TEAM.
Alternative trading opportunities for crisis times.
According to media, all of the markets are collapsing by the COVID-19 pandemic which is constantly growing. Governments are trying to improve the situation, so they boost economies by lowering interest rates and making citizens support payments. But as it turns out that’s not enough to save the economy. Economies are collapsing one after another, companies are bearing considerable losses, and a lot of once rich enterprises are now on the verge of bankruptcy. When it comes to crypto, Bitcoin has failed to meet the investors’ expectations as a storage asset which is able to preserve the value in times of crisis. Anyway, it isn’t so much the Bitcoin itself as it is our fault. None of the cryptocurrencies including bitcoin are backed by gold or by oil but they are backed by our confidence and trust. If this decrease happens again, this means that we do not trust enough.
But in any case, crypto market will recover, and all of the digital assets will start to go up. The point is, it won’t happen right away. So what should traders do at the time of inflation and economic recession?
P2P crypto transactions
Р2Р (peer to peer) transaction - is an exchange of crypto assets that occurs directly between users without intermediaries. In terms of trading, the implementation of a peer-to-peer networks mean that buyers and sellers now can negotiate prices of coins and tokens. At the core of P2P technology lies the decentralized approach which implies direct interaction between people. And besides, this approach describes a computer network architecture (joint use of P2P files) in which each node can act as a server for other users and may also be used for digital currency trading. P2P exchanges enable market players to make transactions directly with one another without third party necessary for making deals. Standard crypto exchanges are companies that serve as intermediaries between parties and get their profit from fees. On the contrary, the P2P exchanges let parties make transactions based on pre-programmed software not requiring third parties. This alternative approach has a number of comparative advantages. In general, P2P transactions are a good example of the philosophy of decentralization.
P2P deals on exchanges
Let’s see how basic crypto transactions work. People who want to sell bitcoins indicate the amount and price. All these orders are moved into an order book. Then a buyer who wants to purchase crypto searches for a suitable offer in the order book, or if there are no such offers creates his/her own “purchase order” stating the terms of the deal. The exchange matches orders according to price where possible, and processes transactions. Such operations may take up a lot of time - from about 10 minutes to several hours. Fiat money remittances are even more time-consuming (in some cases, they take up couple of days). In order to speed up the process, the exchange acts as a trusted intermediary: it confirms all the deals even if the actual transactions have not been finished yet.
P2P-exchanges offer a different approach.
Every time there are matching orders for buying/selling the exchange’s software connects buyer with seller so that they could make a direct deal without third parties. Nevertheless, intermediaries may be involved as arbitrators in the settlement of disputes but no third parties’ participation is needed in standard deals by default. It is the software that matches traders in a decentralized way.
Benefits and examples
P2P-exchanges offer a high tolerance of transaction censorship, they are cheap to use, private and safe. All benefits of decentralized exchanges arise from the absence of one major company that takes full responsibility. Such company would guarantee some advantages but it would also serve as a point of failure, and each of its errors would have a negative impact on the whole system. Today there are a great number of P2P platforms that enable users to receive maximum safety, convenience and freedom. These are the world-known crypto trading platforms such as BIT.TEAM. Describing itself as a P2P platform it gives an opportunity to operate such crypto assets as:
Another benefit of this platform is a wide choice of international digital coins and means of payment that simplifies the transaction processing. The issue worth special attention is the systems of payment. Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Payoneer and most of Russian, Ukrainian and other countries’ large banks will easily make any transaction. There is also a referral system BIT.TEAM which allows traders to get bonuses from their partners’ deals within the service.
When we speak of the “Proof of Stake” algorithm crypto assets, we speak of new opportunities, and the popularity of such assets proves their capability. But the choice is yours.
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*8 in1 Coins - Special Gift to raise Capital & for Start-ups!!!*

*8 in1 Coins - Special Gift to raise Capital & for Start-ups!!!*
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Act now, before it's too late. You will thank me later Click for more information
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Future of digital currency

Future of digital currency
"What is the eventual fate of computerized cash?"– This is an inquiry I hear a ton about in the news, among companions, and from key industry figures, as the furore around what is the fate of an advanced money warms up.

With Bitcoin including intensely in the news, particularly because of its expansion in esteem, and the way that China has found a way to boycott it, what does the future hold?

Will the focus on computerized money look for in increment its fame? Will we see it make moves to defeat customary cash on a worldwide scale? Or on the other hand will it crash at consume like numerous different prevailing fashions before it, just to be surrendered to history alongside things like Pokemon Go and the Blackberry?

Let us read on to discover increasingly about the intricate details of advanced money, just as where it could be going in the close, and far future.

What Is a Digital Currency?

First of all, except if you have been living under a stone throughout the previous ten years, the odds are that you have most likely found out about a bit of something many refer to as advanced cash.

An advanced cash/computerized cash/electronic cash/electronic cash is a kind of cash which is non-physical (as in, not spoke to by banknotes and coins) and shows properties that are like genuine coins. It is anyway totally computerized, implying that it exists through lines of code and advanced portrayal and can be exchanged through a PC or an online stage promptly and offers the clients a borderless exchange of proprietorship.

While it is comparative from multiple points of view to conventional kinds of money, in regards to the manner in which it acts and that it tends to be traded for merchandise and ventures, it contrasts in substantially more.

A computerized cash isn't sponsored up by resources, for example, gold stores or comparable. Similarly, it isn't directed or managed by any administration authority or bank. In this manner, its worth and the manner in which it capacities are totally constrained by the open space, and additionally its maker, implying that its prosperity and worth are completely out of the grasps of a brought together position.

This makes it an attractive possibility for some, who hope to make buys and speculations without being helpless before a bank. People can make mysterious exchanges and keep their accounts really classified.
How Did Digital Currency Start?

Advanced cash was a thought that was around in principle for a serious long time, however it wasn't until 1983 that a man called David Chaum distributed an examination paper which presented the idea of computerized cash. By 1990, he had established DigiCash in Amsterdam which was an electronic installment organization, and it planned to popularize the thoughts in his examination.

Following this, in 1997, Coca-Cola offered clients the alternative to purchase from candy machines utilizing their cell phones, and by 1998, PayPal had hit the market. Different names were rising at the time, for example, e-Gold and Liberty Reserve which making the most of a lot of contention, however by 2008, Bitcoin had been conceived.

Many accept that the presentation of Bitcoin was the genuine birth of the advanced money, and its continuous accomplishment right up 'til the present time is commensurate to that.

The issue with computerized monetary standards, for example, Liberty Reserve and e-Gold was that they were frequently utilized for tax evasion, and all things considered, they were immediately closed somewhere around the US Government. At that point in China, the utilization of a computerized money called Q Coins, was mainstream to the point that it was said to have a destabilizing impact on the Yuan-something that could assist with clarifying China's ongoing crackdown on Bitcoin exchanging the nation.

Since its unassuming beginnings, its advancement has moved at a fast pace. These days, we have a wide choice of monetary forms to browse including PayPal, eCash, WebMoney, Payoneer, CashU, and Ven. Buyers can likewise browse advanced wallets that are put away on their mobiles that can encourage contactless installment.

The idea of computerized cash has additionally advanced into decentralized frameworks, for example, digital currencies. A digital money is an advanced token which requires cryptography for encouraging the two its mining, and its exchanges through shared systems.

Cryptographic forms of money permit electronic and computerized cash frameworks to be totally decentralized, and in this way under the authority of positively nobody. Instances of such monetary forms incorporate; Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Monero, Zcash, IOTA and Ethereum.
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[H] $500 BITCOIN [W] 10-15% PAYPAL or PAYONEER

I have about $500 in bitcoins, I want to exchange for PayPal or Payoneer.
I will like to deal with only verified traders with verified PayPal.
Buyer must have a good reputation or flair
Price is negotiable depending on quantity
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Freelancing guide for beginners in Venezuela(Without Programming Skillls) / Guía de Freelance para principiantes en Venezuela (Sin conocimiento de programación)

Hello reddit! My name is LinkToU, and i’ve been commissioned by u/justgord to share some of my freelancing experience, living in Venezuela. It might not be much, but hopefully it'll help some people get started.
I’ve seen countless numbers of posts here in this subreddit, asking for advice on how to get started, and what are the best ways to receive money, so those are topics i’ll be touching upon in this guide.
As the title says, this is a guide that requires NO programming skills, this is meant to be a guide towards beginners, and people that are having a rough time, like i was, two and a half years ago, before getting into this.
First of all, i recommend reading this guide through google docs, because i'm not too familiar with reddit's formatting, and i think this version just looks better:
Spanish version:
Now, without further ado, let’s dive right into this.
What type of work can you expect to find?
There are actually a few types of jobs that you can easily find without any specific skill, for example, translations, lead generation, data entry, transcriptions, writing articles, and even being a virtual assistant. This list could go on and on, but i’ll just give you a couple websites where you can find these types of work, and you can go figure out what’s best for you.
Where to find work?
Most of the freelance work i've done it's been through two major websites, so i'll talk a little bit about them and about my experience with each.
Spare5 ( is the crowdworking website that got me into this, . This is basically a crowdworking website where you’ll be reviewing different images, annotating and drawing different polygons to help train AI to identify everyday objects.
Getting started in this page is the hardest part, but i’d say it’s just as hard as it was back in 2017 when i started.
You’ll first have to complete every tutorial, then move on to the qualifiers and onto paid tasks (be sure that you understand every task before diving into them, because if you don’t perform well on your paid tasks, they’ll be taken away from you, and you might even get permanently banned).
The minimum payment is $1, and the payment method that they use is PayPal, you don’t need to have a verified Paypal account, and you WILL NOT get your account limited by just receiving money from this page.
Like i said, the hardest part of this page is to get started, as tasks will be scarce, so try not to make any mistakes, and do every task as best as you can, this will guarantee that they give you even more tasks, and eventually, you’ll be assigned permanent tasks, and your dashboard will look something like this: , as you notice, the payment for each task is really low but don’t get discouraged, you’ll want to find one that is easy to do, and that you can memorize the instructions, i’ve made up to $20 in just a couple of hours, out of easy tasks that paid 0.2c each. Of course, you’ll need practice, Practice makes perfect.
I have NOT been working on this page lately, because the payment per tasks has been diminished, and tasks only get more and more complicated to complete.
Next, is Reddit, more specifically, the subreddit where i’ve found most of my freelancing jobs, is /slavelabour , where people post any kind of job that they need done (Seriously, any, i’ve seen many kinds of crazy stuff going on there), along with a payment offer, and usually a method.
This one is pretty good, since you can find different kinds of work based on your skills, i’ve mostly done data entry types of jobs there, but there are many others easy for beginners, you just have to keep an eye out for when any potential job gets posted.
Other similar subreddits that i frequent, but aren’t as active as /slavelabour are: /Jobs4Bitcoins/ , /WorkOnline/ /ForHire/ Follow the same advice that i will give for /slavelabour , as these work similarly.
Those are the main two websites where i've worked at for the past two years, there are some others that i know of, but since i haven't used them, i don't know how they work.
Now, let's talk a little bit about payment methods, and what are some good options for receiving your money once you've got yourself some gigs.
Payment methods:
Now that you know what are some good places to get started, let's talk about what's the best place to receive your payments, and keep your money safe. I’ll take about the few methods that i’ve used myself, such as PayPal, Uphold, AirTM, and most recently, Cryptos.
Where to receive your payments?
Uphold is another cloud based financial services platform, similar to PayPal, and with similar fees. The good thing about this platform, is that you can exchange your funds from USD to Crypto, and many other currencies, at the cost of a relatively small fee.
I haven’t used this method too much myself, as i used this mainly for it’s Virtual Credit Card feature, which is temporarily not available.
AirTM is an e-wallet where you can keep your money, and exchange it to other currency, or buy USD with your local money, all in the same platform.
Out of all the options i'm going to list for payment methods, this is my least favorite, as the fees are incredibly high, and in my opinion, what this website provides isn't worth it.
I haven’t had much experience with AirTM, as the fees are ridiculous, but i’ve used it and i’ll share my experiences.
Finally, Cryptocurrencies, i’ve only started using this method recently, and i can already say, this is my favorite so far, and the method i’ll mainly use from now onwards, as this has proven to be really easy to set up, and in my opinion, the best option for receiving payments, as you’ll pay minimum fees for your transactions, keep your identity safe, and the exchange rate to Venezuela’s currency is really good.
I’d say there is no downside to receiving your payments here, as even if you were worried by the Crypto’s price dropping, you could easily use a third party website to exchange your Crypto, to USD in any other platform you’d like.
The cryptocurrencies that i’ve used are Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), all of the transactions that i’ve done haven’t taken longer than 30 minutes, with the exception of using SideshiftAI to exchange my BCH into BTC, which took about an hour. Setting up a wallet for these is rather easy, however here’s a quick guide for BTC and BCH. .
Also, another point in Crypto’s favor, is that some stores have begun accepting cryptos as a payment method, there’s an app in the Google Play Store named “CryptoLugaresVE” With a list of places accepting crypto as a payment method.
Finally, i’ll talk a little bit about the couple websites that you can use to safely exchange money from USD, to Venezuela’s currency. Other than these, you’d have to find someone of your trust to exchange your currency.
Where to safely exchange your earnings to Venezuela’s currency?
That’s it for now, I’ll probably update the guide as i learn more and try out new stuff, as well as with your feedback. I just want to thank u/justgord for giving me the opportunity to share all of this with you guys!
Hola Reddit! Mi nombre es LinkToU, y u/justgord me comisionó para compartir con ustedes mi experiencia trabajando como freelancer en Venezuela.
He visto un montón de posts de gente pidiendo consejos para comenzar, cuáles son las mejores plataformas para recibir dinero, y cosas así, así que esos serán los temas que trataré en esta guía para principiantes.
Como dice el título, esta es una guía para personas que no tienen conocimiento de programación, sólo necesitarán un buen conocimiento de Inglés.
Recomiendo leer esta guía a través de google docs, ya que no estoy muy familiarizado con el formatting de reddit, y creo que esta versión es más fácil de leer:
Versión en inglés:
Bueno, sin más que contar, comencemos.
¿Qué tipo de trabajo se puede encontrar?
Hay varios tipos de trabajos que puedes realizar sin tener ningún tipo de conocimiento específico, por ejemplo, “lead generation”, registro de data, transcripciones, escritor de artículos, o incluso asistente virtual. Podría seguir nombrando tipos de trabajo, pero lo mejor será que les diga algunos lugares para encontrar trabajo, y que ustedes decidan qué es lo mejor.
¿Dónde puedes encontrar trabajo?
He trabajado principalmente a través de dos sitios web, así que hablaré un poco de mi experience en cada uno de ellos.
Spare5 ( es el sitio web de “crowdworking” con el que comencé a trabajar, hace dos años. Básicamente, estarás revisando diferentes imágenes, anotando y delineando diferentes objetos para ayudar a entrenar inteligencia artificial a identificar dichos objetos.
Diría que lo más difícil, es comenzar en esta página, pero no es mucho más difícil que en el 2017, cuando yo comencé, así que aún es posible.
Lo primero que tendrás que hacer, será completar los tutoriales, que te darán acceso a algunos calificadores, que determinarán si estás listo o no para tareas pagas (asegúrate de comprender bien cada una de las tareas, antes de comenzar a hacerlas, ya que si no las haces bien, te las quitarán y te podrían banear permanentemente.)
El mínimo de pago es $1, pagado a través de PayPal, no hace falta tener una cuenta de PayPal verificada, y recibir fondos de esta página NO hará que tu cuenta de PayPal sea bloqueada.
Como dije antes, lo más difícil de esta página es comenzar, al principio las tareas serán escasas, así que asegúrate de hacerlas bien, ya que esa es la única manera de garantizar que te seguirán enviando tareas. Eventualmente, te darán tareas fijas, y tu panel principal se verá algo así . El pago por cada tarea es bajo, pero lo importante es encontrar una cuál sea fácil y memorizar las instrucciones. Yo he hecho hasta $20 en un par de horas, con tareas fáciles que pagaban 0.2c cada una. Sólo hace falta práctica.
Últimamente no he trabajado en esta página, ya que la paga por las tareas ha disminuido, y sólo son más difíciles de hacer cada vez.
Lo siguiente, es Reddit, más específicamente, el subreddit donde encuentro usualmente trabajo de freelance es /slavelabour , dónde las personas publican cualquier tipo de trabajo que necesiten sea completado, junto con un método de pago, y una oferta, para encontrar a alguna persona dispuesta a hacerlo.
Esta opción es especialmente buena, ya que puedes encontrar muchos tipos de trabajo, dependiendo de tus cualificaciones. Yo he hecho mayormente trabajos de registro de data, pero hay muchas otras opciones fáciles para comenzar, sólo hay que estar pendiente de cuando puedan ser publicadas nuevas oportunidades.
Otros subreddits similares que frecuento pero no son tan activos como /slavelabour son: /Jobs4Bitcoins/ , /WorkOnline/ , /ForHire/ Sigan los mismos consejos que daré para /slavelabour , ya que estos funcionan de manera similar.
Métodos de pago:
Ahora que saben cuáles son algunos buenos lugares para empezar a conseguir trabajo, les hablaré sobre cuáles son las mejores plataformas de pago para recibir dinero, y mantenerlo seguro. Hablaré sólo de los que he usado, como PayPal, Uphold, AirTM, y recientemente, Criptomonedas.
¿Dónde recibir tus pagos?
Por último, hablaré sobre un par de sitios web donde pueden intercambiar dinero de dólares, a la moneda local venezolana. Aparte de estos, existen otros sitios webs de confianza, y siempre está la posibilidad de encontrar una persona de confianza para realizar todos sus cambios de USD - Bs.
Eso es todo por ahora, probablemente siga actualizando la guía mediante vaya aprendiendo nuevas cosas, o con sus recomendaciones. Sólo quiero agradecerle a u/Justgord por darme la oportunidad para compartir todo esto con ustedes!
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Digital Nomad money management ? without banks!

So, i really enjoy leaving "outside" the formal system. I dont want to create a bank account so i have been living in airbnb the last months, i made online a good amount of money to pay: the rent, vacations and electronic shit. I do freelancing and other digital business such as a small sass i own. Im young so i expect to live the forward 5 years for sure. My question is, because im having trouble leaving paypal (the freelance and the digital business all deposit in paypal my earnings), what is the best "money circuit" to enjoy more services and have more financial abilities ? I was looking into some possibilities:
-One possible idea is to buy bitcoin with paypal and from there deposit in neteller or skrill, or transferwise or use an exchange. Payoneer puts as an imperative condition to have a bank account (thats why i dont add it to the list).
-My other alternative is to buy bitcoin and live with btc, but it is more challenging to buy things because most times i have to use local bitcoin to get cash or buy gift cards. And the btc isnt the most stable thing in the world to hold money. (i would keep paypal for airbnb and another online services that accept it).
-other alternatives is what im looking for, or some advice, recomendation, about the posted methods. I find it really hard only using paypal, so... any suggestions, life examples are welcomed.
Thanks a lot i love the posts in this community!!

PD: im not from the US.
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Bitcoin to Payeer Exchange Instant With CoinManGo Sell Bitcoin For Payoneer  Bitcoin To Payoneer  10 Min How to exchange bitcoin to payoneer instant Transfer Money Bitcoin  PayPal  Payza Skrill  Payoneer  Perfect Money  PAYEER Amazon  Bank Coinbase BTC Withdraw With Payoneer BY Uphold - YouTube

How To Exchange Your Payoneer Funds For Bitcoins On PAXFUL. Head to PAXFUL website, better still, directly to the PAYONEER TO BITCOIN Exchange Page On PAXFUL.On the navigation menu, select “BUY BITCOIN“.Of course, you have to register and login first. Buy Bitcoin with Payoneer. Payoneer is a financial services company based in New York. The company was founded in 2005 and specializes in simplifying online payments within the United States and internationally. Payoneer has more than four million users in over 200 countries worldwide and can process cross-border payments in more than 150 ... Let’s Transfer Bitcoin to Payoneer. Conversion of bitcoin to your local home currency at highest possible rates is easy by using the advanced services provided by our world's best rank platform. It is good news for you that we are providing all bitcoin transaction free of cost and the perfect time to get best btc rates and earn a high profit by using excellent features of our company. This is the biggest digital currency exchange marketplace, where you can also transfer bitcoin to bank account, exchange bitcoin to fiat cash, withdraw money from Payoneer account, and many more. The withdrawing of bitcoin to Payoneer and the ATM card comes in the form of your smooth transactions. Buy Bitcoin (BTC) with Payoneer Paxful makes it easy and secure for you to buy and hold cryptocurrency. ... We give you the freedom to exchange your money for Tether (USDT) and use it as you see fit; be it for paying for goods and services, protecting your assets against inflation, purchasing digital currencies, or to hedge against the price ...

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Bitcoin to Payeer Exchange Instant With CoinManGo

Now ! you can exchange your bitcoin with skrill - bank transfer - western - payeer - paypal - payoneer instant , no need to wait Bitcoin To Payoneer Exchange 2019-20 - Duration: 1:20. Bitexpay 5,024 views. 1:20. Paxful Review - How to Use Paxful to Buy and Send Bit Coins Fast - Duration: 4:41. Hello guys, and welcome to the channel everyone, in this video i'm going to show you how you can sell bitcoin for Payoneer or how you can exchange bitcoin to USD. It will only take some 5-10 ... How To Deposit Bitcoin Payoneer Bank Account 2018-2019 best and easy way to deposit bitcoin to Payoneer bank account instant exchange bitcoin to Payoneer with local bitcoin. Coinbase BTC Withdraw With Payoneer BY Uphold Transfer Money Bitcoin PayPal Payza Skrill Payoneer Perfect Money PAYEER Amazon Bank https://www....